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Apex Clean Energy is exploring the feasibility of constructing Perryton Wind, a 300 MW wind energy project in Ochiltree County. Perryton Wind is located just across state lines from another Apex wind project, Balko Wind (Oklahoma), which went operational in 2015.

This website features information about wind energy, Perryton Wind, and important upcoming events. Please use this site to send us feedback, ask questions, and stay up to date on project news and developments as the project moves forward.


Perryton Wind could offer an opportunity to address Texas’s growing electricity demand and diversify Ochiltree County’s economy, supporting the rural farm community.

The proposed Perryton project is located approximately 4 miles northwest of Perryton. The project is expected to include about 150 modern wind turbines, which will be interspersed across active farmland south of the Oklahoma border northwest of Perryton.

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Perryton will create jobs and generate an entirely new source of long-term revenue for local schools, governments, and landowners. In the long term, the project promises to bring sustained tax revenue to the county for the local government and schools, as well as 25 years of local purchasing, employment, and investment. Farmers who host turbines on their property and other participating landowners will also receive regular lease payments. These payments will continue over the projected 25-year lifespan of the wind farm, injecting millions of dollars into Ochiltree County’s economy to support local merchants, contractors, and equipment suppliers.

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